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Cityscapes - Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Harvard Square.

New England Coastal Places, Lighthouses, Sailboats.

House Portraits

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Another prize winner. The Art Association Annual Bonnar Awards Show at the New Arts Center.

First Prize.

 That passenger boat is great--the trees in the background, the depth, the shadows, the sun on the people on the Great light."   G.W.

Harvard Square, Mass. Ave.     oil on canvas   32x48''                 $3300.

New Harvard Square, Day.  Oil on canvas  24x36"       $2800.

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New painting.

Looking along Massachusetts Avenue toward the middle of Harvard Square on a clear winter day.

In the distance, the elements in the painting above; the copper dome, crimson awning, and the Coop entrance.

It's one of those streets that you wished you lived on. Beautiful!!  L.P.

Harvard Square. In a college town waves of academic population come and go. But the Square is distinguished as much by its individual characters and small businesses as by its architecture, history, and world-famous university.

    Here's another old friend posing in front of a past local landmark. 

One of Boston's most historic streets. Includes the townhouse of old friend of mine, in which a couple of my pictures hang with those of John Singer Sargent, John Singleton Copley and other admired New England painters.

The Larry in Winter   Oil on canvas  14x11" (Sold)

Acorn Street, Beacon Hill (New. Looking downhill)   oil on canvas  20x25"


Boston's Public Garden. The Swan Boats ply its duck pond through the summer, since 1877.

The old Wursthaus corner, rejuvenated,  with the new info booth designed and painted to match.

Harvard Square, Day, Info Booth   Oil on canvas  20x25"   (Sold)

Winthrop Park, Harvard Square  

Oil on canvas   35x70"   $8,000.

Winthrop Park is one of the oldest public parks in the country. Though it actually has a Board of Directors that sees to its upkeep.

    The painting, a big one for me at nearly six feet wide, took three months to paint and hangs in the Gutman Library of Harvard.

Brattle Street, Harvard Square    Oil on canvas    16x20"     $1200.

Acorn Street, Beacon Hill   Oil on canvas  24x36"  (Sold)

The geographic and traditional heart of Harvard Square, with the famous Harvard Coop, the Out-of-Town News, the subway entrance, info booth, Nini's Corner.

    The original painting hangs in Harvard  University, on loan.

Swan Boat, Public Garden   Oil on canvas  30x40"                 $3300.

Harvard Square, Winter Night   Oil on canvas  37x49"                   $5200.

 You are the King of Harvard Square! You have brought back wonderful memories for me and made me feel young again. For that...I thank you, Sean. Your talent is incredible. xo J.H. 

Cityscapes -  Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Harvard Square

Original oil paintings for Sale

Harvard Square, Nini's Corner  (Big)           Oil on canvas       30x40"       $3,300.

Nini's Corner, Harvard Square.   Oil on canvas,  12x16"   $450.

I painted a four-season series of Winthrop Park in the late nineties. Here is a new version of the series. Changes in the park since then: whole new Coffee & Tea house moved in (upper-right) and the old Pi Eta club got a facelift with the white facade (upper-middle). New benches, umbrellas, and gas lights too.  Winthop Park, Harvard Square  Seasons  oil on canvas  16x20"  $450. each