Our beautiful home, made even more beautiful by your work!  R.Y.

Historic colonial house in historic seaside town became colorful starter home for a young family After the arrival of their first born they moved to a new house just outside of town and this house became the office of the family business.

The offices of my literary agent in New York. Writers House. Was originally a Wells Fargo bank, complete with a walk-in safe now used to store office supplies. Curvaceous Art-Nouveau bars guard the first-floor windows. 

     Since I painted this, the agency has expanded into the building with the blue shutters, on the left.

Rockport. Historic 200-year-old house. Home office of Safford Investments.

     I've painted personalized, custom house portraits from small to very large, at fees starting from $500. depending on size and complexity. If you would like me to come to see and provide an estimate on your house, leave a note on my Contact page. Send photo.

I think this is the first house portrait I was commissioned to paint. The Cape Cod summer home of a large Boston area family for several generations. Ocean front house has up to nine bedrooms, yet still provides several airy common spaces throughout. With two sunrooms, deck, and huge fenced patio above the beach.

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Swampscott House, from the Northeast

Boat House, Burlington, VT, , from the landward

Cape House.  Oil on canvas  20x25"

Hopkinton House. Oil on canvas  20x28"

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Cityscapes - Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Harvard Square.

New England Coastal Places, Lighthouses, Sailboats.

House Portraits

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Swampscott House, from the Northwest

Rockport. Pidgeon Hill House.   Oil on canvas  20x28"

​Absolutely stunning. You’re so talented!!! J.H.

Newton House

House Portraits

Writers House   Oil on canvas  26x20"

Boat House, Burlington, VT, from the Lake side

Hopkinton House (lilac)

​​​​​Love that you chose to paint the house from the approach point of view. Living inside it, we think typically of the view from it; of the grounds and the ocean beyond. Seeing it, ourselves, most often from the garden or elsewhere on the grounds. But this is the way everyone sees it as they arrive because it’s the only way. In addition, it shows off the wooded site, gives an impression of the scale of the property, accentuates the clean contemporary lines of the architecture, and even shows our beloved look-a-like cottage in back. M.B.S.

The family moved into this freshly-built contemporary home on a high hill with a big ocean view. The builder of the house lived in the back cottage while building the main house. Then he built another house nearby on the hill, where he stayed.

The Sherborn Inn.

Cambridge House

Fall River House

I want you to know how much I enjoy and appreciate the beautiful painting of my house.

    I hung it in the front hall so everybody can enjoy it.

       Many thanks


Cork, Ireland House

Christ's Church, Longwood