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 Meet Grey Sparrow’s National Treasure, Fine Artist Sean Moore.
Grey Sparrow Journal celebrates a ten-year history of publication this year by honouring two

National Treasures. 2018 Pulitzer Prize Poet, Frank Bidart, and 

for the first time an artist in the visual arts has been honoured as part of its

National Treasure series.

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Rockport Harbor Sunset             oil on canvas      2018

Another prize winner. This painting was invited to the Art Association Annual Awards Show and won a second prize this month.

Sean Moore

Curtis Island Light

2022-23 Annual Award winner

In "Curtis Island Light", Moore manages to capture essence of place - not an easy feat.

Evoking feelings of tranquility, warmth, and

purpose, Moore's use of blurred light, shadow,

and color has the power to connect with view-

ers on a deep, personal level. Beautiful Work.

Curtis Island Light             14”x18”.       oil on canvas

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FenceArt. My painting was chosen to represent Arts at a number of locations throughout the City. This one is at the entrance to the Main Library. Other sites sprinkled around town. Printed on a heavy-duty vinyl, I hope to get one to keep when the run of 1 year is over.

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Cityscapes - Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Harvard Square.

New England Coastal Places, Lighthouses, Sailboats.

House Portraits

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GLOBAL BOOK AWARD - 2022 - Mystery Crime Fiction.  Set in the Boston Art world and the Maine coast. On Amazon. In both Kindle and Paperback

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       When I see a scene or subject that I think would make a good painting, my feeling is not so much that I hope to recreate the look of it in a painting. A photo would probably do a better job. And the view seen best simply by being there.  My feeling is that the scene before me could make a good basis or starting point for one of my paintings. Meaning the subject filtered through the lens of my imagination and ability.   
In painting New England scenes; cityscapes and seascapes, I like to orchestrate a complex harmony of line, color, shape, pattern, volume, light & dark, two & three-dimensional spatial relationships - the elements of art - to achieve a satisfying aesthetic result. Working in layers, I can re-paint any area in four or five different colors. Or four or five shades of the same color, or varying intensities. 

    It's not too much to work weeks or even months, developing and improving a painting.
    I've been drawing and painting for more decades than I usually volunteer to admit but the challenge of this process never gets old.


My paintings and prints have shown regionally, nationally, and internationally in juried and invitational exhibitions and hang in hundreds of private and corporate collections.
    I’m from Newton, Massachusetts, and studied at Boston University School of the Arts and The University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts.
    Teaching at several New England colleges and universities including Tufts University, The Art Institute of Boston, and The New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University has helped keep me close to the basics of drawing, painting, and design.
    Harvard University has hosted two one-man shows of my works. The Newton Free Library hosted a one-man show in its Main Gallery. The Sherborn Inn was host to two solo shows. Along with many group shows, other one-man shows include the Cambridge Public Libraries, Barnes & Noble, and The Natick Center for the Arts.
    I’m the author of How to Make Money as an Artist, (Marketing tips for artists) Chicago Review Press, 2000. And The Raphael Conspiracy, ((Mystery, Suspense, Thriller) Amazon-Kindle.
   (Revised, re-edited, re-proofed, new-cover, 2021
Paperback, Amazon, and/or Ingram Book Distributors.)

Selected Exhibitions
Harvard University
The Federal Reserve Bank
The Art Institute of Boston
WGBH Educational Institution

Barnes & Noble

Fall River Arts Festival
Worcester Art Museum
Springfield Museum
Cambridge Art Association 
University Place
Boston Art Directors Show
Graphic Arts Magazine
Mount Ida College
The University of Connecticut
The New England School of Art & Design
Suffolk University
Jordan Marsh Contemporary Art Exhibition
Colorprint USA
Cambridge Public Libraries
The Mount Auburn Club
Frazer’s, Cambridge
The Swiss Alps
Out of the Blue, Cambridge
The Newton Art Association
ALMA, Armenian Library and Museum
The Sherborn Inn
Center for the Arts, Natick, tcan
The New Arts Center
ArtWorks, New Bedford

Wedeman Gallery

Lasell College
FenceArt - Newton Art in Public Places

Newton Free Library Prize Show
The Cambridge Artists Cooperative

Pride Real Estate Professionals Association

Long Beach, CA

Online Virtual Show

Morse Institute, Natick, MA

Corporate Collections

Harvard University

Monroe C. Gutman Library

Marriot Hotels


Mayor's office, City Hall, Montreal, Canada

America West Airlines, Phoenix, AZ

BayBank/Harvard Trust - Bank Boston

Cambridge Savings Bank

Fiduciary Trust, Boston, MA

ASTRA Pharmaceutical Research, Cambridge, MA


Intercontinental Developers, Inc. Boston, MA

Leavitt & Peirce Company, Cambridge, MA

Ideaworks, Brookline, MA

The Lexington Press

Out-of-Town Ticket Agency, Cambridge, MA

The Mount Auburn Hospital

Sheldon Cohen & Associates, Cambridge, MA

Strive, Inc. Boston, MA

Synectics, Inc. Cambridge, MA

Robert K. Tendler, Law Offices, Boston, MA

Transit Retail Partnership, Cambridge, MA

The Swiss Alps, Cambridge, MA

The Cellar, Cambridge, MA

Winthrop Place, Cambridge, MA

The University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Cape Cod Community College, Barnstable, MA

The Harvard Square Business Association

The Trustees of Winthrop Park, Cambridge, MA

The Sherborn Inn, Sherborn, MA

Cambridge Brickwalk Conservancy

And many dozens of private collectors