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Motif #1, Rockport   Oil on canvas   20x27"              

Swan Boat   Oil on Canvas  32x42"            

Harvard Square, Night      Oil on Canvas      32x42" 

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Browse the gallery pages; Cityscapes, Coastal Scenes, and House Portraits by the artist called "The painter of New England scenes" by The Boston Globe. "The painter of Harvard Square" by the Cambridge TAB.  

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I love every single piece of your artistry, D.​L.

Another exquisite work of yours! I love your style, Sean Moore! J.F.B.

If you are part of the new wave of collectors who buy their original art and fine art prints online, instead of paying hundreds, even thousands, more at the brick-and-mortar galleries then you've found the right place. And you can come back whenever you want, without having to suit up, drive into town, and park.

Harvard Square, Night   (detail)

Harvard Square. Nini's Corner and the Coop, (30x40", 2015) which can be seen in the distance, near the center of the big Mass. Ave. painting to the left.

Harvard Square, Mass. Ave.     oil on canvas   32x48''                                                            

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Cityscapes - Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Harvard Square.

New England Coastal Places, Lighthouses, Sailboats.

House Portraits

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I really love your paintings. Each painting makes me feel happy and I want to walk right into the painting. I would like a large image to frame. S.E.W.B.

You've probably found that visiting a bricks-and-mortar gallery can be awkward or even annoying if a salesperson attaches to you too soon or follows you around chattering when you'd really just like to think quietly and look at the paintings.

  •  You want your art to have style but also to look like something meaningful

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   I hope it's OK with you that sometimes a painting might be sold, or on loan someplace, or hanging in a show but I'm still showing it on the site because it's a favorite or specially represents what I do and how I do it.

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Giclee Prints. Now on the Prints page   


Giclee Prints. Now on the Prints page   

About Giclée - (Jhee' - clay) a whole different, better, newer technology for reproducing art

Gicleé prints are created with an IRIS printer which sprays millions of tiny droplets of ink onto an absorbent surface producing an archival fine art piece without a digital signature.

     The paper or canvas is carefully mounted onto a drum that rotates as it's sprayed with 4,000,000 tiny droplets per second by 4 calibrated color streams of archival inks. 512 chromatic changes are produced, with over 3,000,000 possible colors of saturated, nontoxic water-based ink. The result is a continuous-tone print with the precise hue, value, and density of the original.