Harvard Square   Oil on Canvas   32x42" 

Harvard Square   (detail)

Swan Boat   Oil on Canvas  32x42"            $3200.

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Cityscapes - Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Harvard Square.

New England Coastal Places, Lighthouses, Sailboats.

House Portraits

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NEWS! Sean Moore Wins First Prize in the Newton Art Association, James King Bonnar Annual  Scroll down home page for story and picture

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Motif #1, Rockport   Oil on canvas   20x27"              $2800.

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NEWS! Sean Moore Wins First Prize in the Newton Art Association, James King Bonnar Annual

Friday night, Feb. 27, 2015. Newton Art Center. From a field of 100 paintings exhibited in the roomy spaces of the converted church, several Honorable Mentions, then a Third, Second, and First Prize were announced as members and guests crowded toward the stage. Big crowd turned out despite huge transportation and parking problems caused by the 7 plus feet of snowfall over the past 2 weeks.

Harvard Square, Mass. Ave.     oil on canvas   32x48''                                                            $3300.